Should I Mist My Areca Palm? (Answered)


For foliage with true visual beauty, the Areca Palm plant is divine. Its showiness is something akin to a magazine centerfold. The arching, feathery fronds brighten up any room and demand admiration. But, these babies tend to be pricey, and therefore you must give them everything they need.

One misstep and, it can spell an early grave. Overwatering and under watering tend to be common culprits for those new to caring for these beautiful plants. So, setting a regular morning or evening misting schedule for your Areca Palm is advisable.


What Is the Proper Way to Mist an Areca Palm?

Misting an Areca Palm isn’t difficult, but there are a few points to keep in mind so that you don’t overdo it and prevent failure in giving it enough.

Tap Water Is Best

First, only use tap water. It might seem strange, but tap water is best. Of course, if you have high toxin levels in your tap water, definitely use a filter. Also, use distilled water from time to time to dissolve buildup from heavy chemicals notoriously found in most tap water.

Areca Palms can handle heavier metals, chemicals, and fluoride somewhat more than other types of plants. However, they are susceptible to things like chlorine. Therefore, whether you use straight tap or filtered tap water, let it sit out for 24 hours to allow the gasses to evaporate and other solids to sink.

Avoid using reverse osmosis (RO) water because the process zaps many of the nutrients and minerals the palm needs. Use RO Water in the same fashion as you are using distilled water, for reducing the toxins and salts that can build up.

Misting Schedule

Also, Areca Palms love receiving mist in the morning or the evening. Do not mist in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest, especially in summer. This will burn the leaves causing them to dry out and brown. Try to maintain the time of day and hour you mist your Areca Palm and keep to this schedule.

Consistent Misting

While you should mist regularly, it’s not a daily requisite. Only mist the leaves about every three to four days on average. But, if the climate during summer is particularly dry, increase misting frequency to once or twice per day. Refrain from misting during freezing temperatures in winter (more about winter below).

Mist Leaves Only

Ensure you only mist the leaves of your Areca Palm and avoid the stem. The stem will absorb the surrounding moisture and humidity via the root system. If you end up misting the stem a little, it will be fine. But too much can weaken the plant.

Wouldn’t It Be Better to Use a Humidifier?

Because subtropical climates are the native habitat of Areca Palms, they love heavy warmth and humidity. Ergo, it’s a wise idea to have a humidifier, especially if you’re keeping one in a colder climate.

This will reduce the need to mist and prevent any issues developing with the plant. Even still, you should check the leaves, stems, and soil for pests and fungus once per week.

What Is the Wintertime Care for an Areca Palm?

Keep wintertime misting at an absolute minimum and never mist during freezing temperatures. This is because there’s no warmth to ensure the mist will convert the water into moisture the Areca Palm’s fronds can use. If the water freezes on the leaves, it may harm the plant.

Browning; Drying Leaves

If you notice dryness with the leaves, even when using a humidifier, it’s advisable to mist them. But, do this in the morning just as the temperatures are rising. If it’s a freezing, cold, and cloudy day, do not mist the plant even if it shows signs of dryness. Wait until you know it will be sunny.

Placement; Storage

Do not store your Areca Palm near central heating vents or a space heater. This will dry out the plant, no matter how much you try to mist it, and keep the room humid. Also, safeguard the palm from drafts and breezes while being mindful in ensuring it gets plenty of sunlight.

Use a Grow Lamp

If you have a grow lamp, this will be ideal for your Areca Palm throughout the winter months, especially during freezing temperatures. However, a sunny bathroom will be ideal since the plant will also get plenty of humidity when it’s cold. But this only works if the bathroom is roomy enough.

Are There Any Other Reasons Why You Should Mist an Areca Palm?

The best way to clear your Areca Palm of dust from the leaves is by spraying them with water. As you may well know, the fronds are a magnet for dirt, dust, and other debris. Using a spray bottle of water will help clear it away and keep it looking gorgeous. Plus, misting helps prevent the plant from developing root rot.

When Is It Not Ideal to Mist an Areca Palm?

In the event you notice that your Areca Palm is struggling, halt misting until you understand and fix the problem. Such issues can include drooping, wilting, pest infestations, and fungal diseases. Any of these can be lethal to your plant and adding more water will only make matters worse, even if it is a little.

Therefore, before you begin a misting session for the palm, inspect the leaves, soil, and stem. Look for little black or white tiny dots along with signs of discoloration and weakness. If you suspect any drooping, avoid giving your Areca Palm any amount of water until you can solve the problem.


While you don’t have to mist your Areca Palm daily, you do want to make sure you do it enough so that it stays green and pristine for years to come. When you pay attention to this plant, it shows its appreciation like a runway model displaying the latest fashion. The fronds will be full and green with an enchanting, towering pose.

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