Which Is Best For Monstera- Trellis Vs Moss Pole?


The Monstera plant is a tropical plant that grows in hanging baskets, terrariums, and window boxes. It is easy to grow this plant because of its few requirements. However, a climber needs support to thrive and be stable. 

And there are various ways of supporting your Monstera, like using moss poles or various trellises.  But one of the most common questions in the minds of beginners is whether to use moss poles or trellises to support their plant. 

Moss poles are a better option to support your Monstera because they are easy to install, eco-friendly, and durable in the long run. And, if you don’t add a moss pole to your plants, your Monstera may become relatively weak as it matures and grows taller.

However, you may also choose trellises to provide support to your plant as a second option. Both Moss pole and trellises have their pros and cons. So what you want to use depends on what you want to achieve and how much effort you are willing to put into your plant’s care.


This article focuses on why Moss pole is a better option for your Monstera than trellises. The pros and cons of both options are explained in detail to make it easy for you to make a wise choice between the two. 

Read on to find out all about Moss poles and trellises and how the former is a better option than the latter! 

Why does Monstera need support? 

The next obvious question is why Monstera plants need support. Why can’t it grow like any other plant? 

It’s so because Monstera plants are climber plants that need support to be stable. If you want your Monstera plant to stay healthy and thrive, it needs to have a support system in place.

It’s a common houseplant that can live on its own or be placed in a bright room with lots of light, but it needs water, nutrients, and additional support to grow well.

However, climbers that aren’t accustomed to using moss poles usually do not need them to thrive. But, supplying a moss pole will increase a growing plant’s diameter and strength and most likely result in healthy growth.

How can you provide support to your Monstera? 

You can provide support to your Monstera plant with moss poles or trellises made from wire mesh. They provide stability for the Monstera plant.

But if you try to grow it without support, your plant grows too tall for its existing support system; then you won’t be able to keep it from toppling over onto the floor!

However, there are some things that you should know before deciding whether or not to use a moss pole instead of trellises. 

moss poles vs trellises?  

Moss pole:

A moss pole is a durable stick with moss (typically sphagnum moss) covering it, used to support climbing plants, enabling them to stretch upward.


A trellis is a garden structure that supports climbing plants by providing a framework of horizontal wires or stakes. A trellis can be made from various materials, including metal, bamboo, or wood. 

The arbor is the most common type of trellis, a freestanding structure with open sides and a roof.

Trellises often support climbers such as roses, clematis, and ivy. They are also helpful in supporting large plants such as the Monstera deliciosa.

Why are moss poles a better option than trellises for your Monstera plant? 

It’s a common houseplant that can live on its own or be placed in a bright room with lots of light, but it needs water, nutrients, and additional support to grow well.

Unlike trellises, moss poles are more beneficial for the Monstera plant. In addition to being easier on your wallet and more attractive than most other options out there (and not as “tacky” as those plastic arches), moss poles also offer benefits that go beyond aesthetics:

Here is a list that shows why moss poles are a better option than trellises.

  • Moss poles are an excellent option for your Monstera plant because they’re easier to clean and maintain than trellises.
  • Monstera creeps up trees in the wild, so they put out aerial roots. These aerial roots cling to support and help them climb up the tree. Since that isn’t possible to grow them indoors, you need a moss pole to support them.
  • Unlike a trellis, you won’t have to worry about making holes in the wall or damaging your home’s interior.
  • Plus, moss poles can be easily attached to the wall and removed when necessary without causing any damage or leaving behind any glue residue (which can lead to mold).
  • They’re durable enough for long-term use.
  • A moss pole is easier to clean and maintain. It’s also a great option if you have other plants in your home, such as succulents or bromeliads, that need support.
  • Eco-friendly materials like bamboo make them sustainable choices over wood or metal alternatives. And if you’re concerned about having an attractive centerpiece but don’t want anything too fancy yet still need something functional? Bamboo is just what the doctor ordered!

Cons of using moss pole

Monstera grows in an upright fashion with a single stem and balanced foliage. To prevent it from toppling down you’ll need to prune it regularly to stop growing too tall and becoming unstable.

And making a moss pole longer is very difficult. So if you want a long Monstera plant with a moss pole, then it would be really difficult for you.

  • They’re more expensive: Moss poles cost around $30 each, while trellises can be found for about half that price and sometimes even less.
  • They’re harder to find: Finding moss pole material may take some time and effort, as well as some luck, especially if you live in an area where there aren’t many options.
  • They’re harder to install: The installation process requires expertise from someone who knows what they’re doing; without proper knowledge, mistakes could be made that could result in injury or death for your plant!
  • They’re harder to maintain: Keeping the structure clean is essential so that mold doesn’t build up on it over time; this will cause your plant’s health problems later down the line!
  • It takes longer than most other types of trellises because all the parts need regularly replacing due to their fragility nature. It means constant maintenance needs to be done regularly throughout the summer months when plants grow fastest. And under extreme circumstances especially during hot weather conditions where temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit during certain times throughout the summer months.

Installing a moss pole for your Monstera plant

The Monstera plant is a climber and will climb up the wall or tree as needed, but it won’t be stuck there forever if you want to move your moss pole around.

If you want to use a trellis but don’t want the hassle of installing it or paying someone else to do it, then a moss pole might be suitable for your needs! 

  • It is easy to attach the moss pole with appropriate tools.
  • You can use a drill to attach the moss pole.
  • You can also use a screwdriver to attach it to the tree trunk or whatever another part of your plant is suitable for attaching.
  • If you have extra time on your hands, there is nothing better than using an old-fashioned hammer and saw! This ensures that no damage will be done while cutting through dense branches or thick roots to create space for new growth within your plant’s habitat.

Disadvantages of trellises for Monstera

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding Monstera plants. Some people believe using trellises for Monstera plants is advantageous, as it helps the plant grow taller and fuller. There are several disadvantages to using trellises for Monstera plants.

  • The first disadvantage of using a trellis for Monstera plants is that it can stunt their growth.
  • Because the plant cannot grow in all directions, it will become lean and weak. 
  • Additionally, if the trellis is not sturdy enough, it could topple over and damage or even kill the plant.
  • Another disadvantage of using a trellis for Monstera plants is that they can be challenging to clean.
  • It’s also essential that your trellis is strong enough for the weight of your plant. If your trellis can support only 20-30% of the weight of its plant, then the whole structure could come crashing down in high winds or storms, leaving everything on top covered in dirt (and possibly even rotting).


As you have seen, the Monstera plant is a climber and needs support to thrive. It will grow faster with the help of a moss pole or trellis. But if you want a more accessible option, moss poles may be the perfect solution for you. 

So, wherever you are in a dilemma of which option to choose, it is better to go for moss poles than trellises. They have plenty of benefits over trellises like, they don’t make holes in your wall.

Also, they make cleaning easier than trellises because they don’t require sharp tools for removal purposes. And finally, they attract the eyeballs by giving an aesthetic look to your house. 

These plants look great when they grow up over your house in full sun conditions while also providing plenty of support for your plant to grow tall with minimal pruning required!

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