Do philodendrons like to be misted?


Philodendrons are famous for their attractive large and glossy foliage. They are among the easiest to grow indoor plants, an ideal choice for beginners.

But there is always a confusion that, Do Philodendrons like to be misted? Some of the plant enthusiasts say, it is ideal to mist a Philodendron because they require a humid climate. While others argue that Philodendrons should not be misted regularly, as it can spread the pest and disease infection.

So in this article we are going to discuss about this confusing question.


Do Philodendrons really like to be misted

The straight answer to this question is that, Yes, the Philodendrons like to be misted. Because Philodendrons are tropical plants and they like a humid environment to grow better. So misting regularly will provide a moist humid environment to them, just like their place of origin, the tropical forests of Colombia, and Venezuela.

It is not compulsory to mist Philodendrons daily. Without misting also they can survive. But misting regularly will provide them a homely environment and they will grow better, form more beautiful foliage and plants will look fresh and healthy.

Also, many people will argue that misting regularly will help the pathogen to spread easily and cause major pest and disease infestation. To counter that here are some points they should consider.

  • Mostly these plants are grown indoors. So there are always fewer chances of exposure to the disease-causing pathogens, unless and until you are very careless about your plant. In general, people keep their indoors clean.
  • These plants are originated in humid climatic conditions, so they have the natural tendency to prevent waterborne disease and pests.
  • Most people use tap water to mist their plant, which comparatively a clean source of water.

So considering these points, we can conclude that there are very few chances of pest and disease incidence if you are misting your Philodendrons regularly.


Advantages of misting a Philodendron

  • Misting will make the environment humid and moist, which exactly mimic the place of their origin(The Philodendrons are originated from the tropical forests which are always humid). So in a homely environment, they will grow fast and remain healthy.
  • It will also keep the plant clean, otherwise, dust particles may block the pores of the leaves.
  • The plant will look fresh and glossy.
  • Since the atmosphere will remain humid, there will less moisture loss from the potting soil, therefore, you have to water the plant less frequently. Which subsequently decreases the risk of root rot.
  • Misting regularly will engage you more with your house plant, and can closely and regularly observe them.

Other things you can do if you don’t want to mist regularly

If you don’t want to mist your Philodendrons regularly, then we have listed some other things you can do, so that your plant will grow better. The main idea is to keep the environment humid. Anything you can do to keep the atmosphere humid will mimic the environment of their place of origin, and plant growth will be boosted.

1. Group all your house plants


If you have houseplants that are of tropical origin, you can just keep them in a group, so that the nearby environment will become humid by the released water vapors through transpiration. The mutual effect of transpiration will help to keep the place humid.

Make sure that all the plants kept in that group, should love a humid climate. Otherwise, the plant will end up infected with pests and diseases.

2. Use a humidifier


A humidifier automates the process of misting. It keeps the atmospheric humidity high as per your requirement.

Therefore, you can invest in a good humidifier. It will cost you a bit, but your work will be much easier. It will keep the atmospheric humidity level as per your wish, and your plant will shine.

3. Pebble tray

Fill some pebbles in a tray and put some water in it. Keep the tray beneath the pot. Water will continuously evaporate from the tray keep the surrounding humid.

A pebble tray is an easy and effective solution to keep your atmosphere humid.

4. Choose a humid place in your house

Our ultimate aim is to keep our Philodendron plant in a humid and moist environment. So we can do it passively by keeping our plant in a humid place inside our home.

Generally, the bathroom, kitchen, and areas near the washbasins are the most humid places in our houses, which can easily meet our demand. Try to find out a place near those areas and sit your plant there.

Before sitting your plant anywhere, make sure that it is getting enough light. Otherwise the plant will suffer to grow properly in a poorly lit condition.

A source of bright indirect sunlight is ideal for this plant to grow.

Final thoughts

Philodendrons, as well as all plants, originated from tropical parts of the globe, love to be misted. Misting regularly makes a home-like environment nearby them and it also promotes better growth. It also keeps the plant clean and free from small tiny pests like aphids and mealybugs.

Therefore, it is always recommended to mist your Philodendron plant in regular intervals.

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