How to keep moss pole moist- My secret strategy


Moss poles are made up of wrapping coco peat around a wooden pole, using some wire mesh. These are used to provide extra support to the plants with a weak stem like the climbers and the trailing vines.


In their natural habitats, these vines grow on the trunk of the big trees and climb up to get extra light and atmospheric moisture through their aerial roots. But in your home, there is no such natural support on which your indoor vines can grow upon.

Here, the moss pole provides extra support to the plant. It helps the plant to grow up, it trains the growth habit and also helps to absorb the atmospheric moisture through the aerial roots.

Plants like the money plant and Philodendrons, develop bigger leaves when used with these moss poles. 

Plants having weak stem like the aroids, and the other vines just love to grow with a moss pole. When planted with a moss pole they produce bigger, brighter, and healthy leaves, than they are producing alone.

Moist peat moss also adds on to the water availability to the plant, through their aerial roots, inserted into the peat moss. It also increases the humidity of the environment just closer to the plants which most of the Aroids and tropical plants like.

Now the question is 

Is it really necessary to keep the moss pole moist always

This question is important to discuss because some plants don’t like to be in a moist place always. If you are growing those plants, then it is advisable, not to keep your moss pole moist always. 

Otherwise, there might be some unwanted fungal growth and disease infection due to that extra moisture and humidity. 

If you are growing tropical plants, like the aroids, then they just love humidity. They will be more happy and thankful to you if you are keeping them with a moist moss pole. In this case, you have to keep the moss pole moist always.

It depends on your plant’s requirement, whether you should keep your moss pole moist always or not.

How to keep moss pole moist 

The best method to do this is to spray your moss pole regularly, using a sprayer. You can spray twice or thrice a week depending upon the area you are living in and the atmospheric temperature.

In the summers you have to spray more often, and in the winters, you can spray less frequently.

But this is tiresome, and not a practical solution, because if you forgot to spray, then your plant will dull down.

My secret trick to keep my moss pole moist

I personally didn’t found any effective technique on how to keep a moss pole moist, on the internet. So I have decided to design my own model to keep my pole moist. 

And think what, after so many hit and trial methods, I have discovered a super easy and effective method. 

You can also try this method and let us know is it helpful or not.

The ingredients used in this method are

  • A plastic bottle
  • A needle
  • Tape or a rope

All the ingredients are easily available at your home.

Step by step Procedure

1. Take a plastic bottle and a needle.


2. Make a few small holes at the bottom of the bottle.


3. Tie the bottle with the moss pole as shown in the picture.


4. Fill the bottle with water.

Your self-watering moss pole is ready. 

How this will work

Water from the bottle will be released to the moss pole through the holes slowly and keep the entire moss pole moist. Whenever the water level in the bottle goes down, fill it up and this will work perfectly.

This is an easy to perform method about how you can keep your moss pole moist.


Here are some precautions you must take while making this project

  • Make small holes at the bottom of the bottle, so that water can seep out slowly, and your DIY system will work for a longer period of time.
  • Carefully tie the bottle on the top of the pole, otherwise, the pole will topple down.
  • Fill the bottle whenever it is empty.

You can also adjust the humidity levels to keep the moisture level high.

Maintain higher humidity levels

Along with the above method, you can also increase the humidity of the environment so that your moss pole will remain moist for a longer period of time.

To increase the humidity levels you can choose any of these methods

Keep the plants in a moist area

If you are keeping your plants in the moist areas of your house, like the bathrooms, then your moss pole is going to stay moist for real long time, because in these areas the loss of water through evaporation is less. Hence the water will dry slowly.

Make sure that your plant is getting adequate light, before placing it in those tight humid places of your house.

Use a pebble tray

Take some pebbles in a tray and fill it with water. Put your pot on the pebble tray. 

This is an effective method to control the humidity of the surrounding, as the water from the pebble tray keep evaporating and makes the place wet and humid.

Buy a humidifier


You can invest in a good humidifier to automatically control the humidity of your place. it is a very effective solution but comes at a great cost.

Apart from these solutions, you can also choose any of the methods to keep the surroundings humid so that your moss pole will remain moist for a long time.


You can try this method for your plants, and don’t forget to write to us, about the results. This is a quick and easy process anyone can do. The ingredients are also easily available everywhere. 

You can also modify this model according to your needs.

Happy gardening.

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