Philodendron White Knight – An easy to grow Philodendron


Philodendron White Knight


Philodendron White Knight is famous for its beautiful variegated foliage. It has beautiful rounded leaves of green and white colors.

It looks like someone has randomly painted the green leaves with a white paint. The plant is always appreciated for its attractive foliage.

The Philodendron White Knight plant is a tropical plant that originated from South America. This cultivar of Philodendron can be grown both outdoors as well as indoors. 

Since this plant is native to the tropical forests of South America, it grows beneath the big trees, under their shade. Therefore, it loves to grow in an area with bright but filtered sunlight. Therefore if you are planning to grow this plant outdoors, then you have to choose the right place for this plant, under a big tree.

This is an excellent plant to be grown indoor.

Important details about Philodendron White Knight

Here are some bullet points about the Philodendron White Knight plant.

  • Botanical name- Philodendron White Knight
  • Family- Araceae
  • Origin- South America
  • Plant type- A tropical climbing plant. Suitable to grow indoors, as well as outdoors.
  • Special features- Variegated leaves of Philodendron White Knight look dope. The green and white coloration on the leaves makes it a unique piece of art. The stem is of purple-brown color.
  • Light requirement- This plant loves to sit in bright indirect sunlight.
  • Soil requirement- Am organic-rich fertile well-drained soil is ideal for this plant.
  • Temperature- Ideal temperature is around 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 26 degrees Celcius). The plant is susceptible to low temperatures.
  • Humidity- Plant loves to grow in a wet humid place.
  • Water- The soil should be moist, but it should not be over-watered and oversaturated. Watering should be done properly.
  • Fertilizer- A balanced liquid fertilizer is enough to feed the plant completely.
  • Propagation- Plant is propagated using stem cuttings.
  • Toxicity- Plant is toxic in nature.

How to take care of Philodendron White Knight Plant

Here is a complete care guide of the Philodendron White Knight plant.

Light requirement-

As discussed earlier, these plants are originated in the tropical forests of South America. These grow under the shades of the big trees in those tropical forests. Hence they get filtered bright sunlight there.

It is the ideal lighting condition for the Philodendron White Knight plant to grow. Bright but indirect sunlight is great to keep this plant shiny and fresh.

If the plant will not get enough light, then the white coloration in the leaves started to turn into green. Thus a dull and low lighting condition can rob the charm of the plant.

The white portion of the leaves does not bear chlorophyll, whereas the green portion has chlorophylls. Chlorophyll plays an important role to carry out photosynthesis so that the plant can synthesize its own food.

In low light conditions, the plant can not carry out the proper amount of photosynthesis, to meet the energy demand of the plant. Hence the white portion of the leaves turns green, filled with chlorophyll pigments, so that, they could be also utilized to do photosynthesis, and help the plant to synthesize the proper amount of plant food.

If the plant is kept under direct sunlight, then it the harsh sunlight is going to burn the white portion, without any doubt. Direct light for a short span is OK, but for a longer period of time will definitely going to harm the plant.

So a place getting bright indirect sunlight is ideal for this plant. An east-facing window or a north-facing is great for this plant, as it can provide a good amount of delicate, soft direct sunlight in the morning, and bright indirect light for the rest of the day.

You can check our article about whether your plant is getting too much light or not by CLICKING HERE.

Soil requirement


This plant loves to grow in organic matter-rich soil having a good drainage capacity.

A well-draining soil prevents the root of the plant from rotting. If there remains a waterlogging condition for a longer period of time, then the plant root can easily start rotting. 

But if the drainage property of the soil is good, the excess water can easily escape out, and there will be proper oxygen for the root system to breathe.

An ideal potting soil for this plant should contain

You can also add some orchid bark if available to you.

Coco peat and peat moss helps to hold moisture for a longer period of time. Compost and wormcast provide necessary nutrients to the plants and increase the organic matter content in the soil. Perlite and pumice increase the drainage capacity of the soil.

If your soil is not properly draining out, then you can add some perlite or pumice to it.

Temperature requirement

The Philodendron White Knight plant loves to grow in a temperature range of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 26 degrees Celcius). 

The plant is not likely to grow in the low temperatures. Temperature below than 55-degree Fahrenheit is not suitable for the plant. You have to take special care during the winter. Because the plant is highly susceptible to chilling injury.


As a tropical plant, the Philodendron White Knight happily enjoy a humid environment. Humidity levels higher than 60 to 70 % is ideal for this plant.

Higher humidity levels also help the potting soil to remain moist for a longer period of time. 

Here are some points you can consider to keep the humidity higher 

  • Use a pebble tray filled with water to keep the environment moist.
  • You can spray the plant at a regular interval to keep the environment moist.
  • Keep your plant in a humid place of your home, like in your bathroom, provided that there is enough light for your plant to survive.
  • Get a good humidifier for your home.
  • You can group all your plants that need higher humidity levels.

You can also take any possible measures to make the environment moist and humid.

Water requirement for Philodendron White Knight

As discussed earlier the Philodendron White Knight loves to grow in moist soil, but the soil should not be over-watered and oversaturated. It may lead to root rot in Philodendron White Knight.

Watering plays an important role while taking care of this plant. There is no fixed schedule to apply water. You have to irrigate the plant whenever it needs water.

To check this you have to inspect the top two-inch layer of the potting soil. If the soil is moist, and sticking to your hand, then there is sufficient juice remaining for the plant in the potting mix, no need for watering.

If the top layer is dry, then yes, the plant deliberately needs watering.

You have to check at regular intervals and apply irrigation accordingly.

Light and water are the two important growth factors for the Philodendron White Knight plant.


The Philodendron White Knight plant does not need any special care regarding fertilizers. it will do well if fed with a balanced liquid fertilizer, which is easily available in your nearest market. You can get one online also.

Regarding the dose of fertilizers, you have to apply a slightly lesser dose than recommended by the manufacturer.

Never apply the fertilizers in direct contact with the plant. Always apply a few centimeters away from the plant, otherwise, the chemicals in the fertilizers may badly hamper your plant.


The Philodendron White Knight plant can be easily propagated using the stem cutting method.

Here is a step by step process about the propagation of this plant.

  1. Uproot the plant from the pot and clear the soil attached to the root.
  2. Check, if there is any symptom of root rot. If any remove them using a sterilized knife, or scissor.
  3. Now cut the plant stem into small cuttings, in such a way that each cutting should bear at least one leaf and a few aerial roots. You can cut one cutting and keep the rest of the parent plant as it is.
  4. Now keep the cutting in a container filled with water in such a way that, the root is dipped inside the water and the leaf is floating outside.
  5. Keep the container in a warm humid place that got bright indirect sunlight.
  6. After a few days, the new roots will start to develop from the aerial roots.
  7. Then plant the new plant in a freshly prepared potting mix in a new pot.

Thereafter take proper care of the newly planted Philodendron White Knight plant so that the new tiny plant can resume its growth as a new plant.

Always remember to use a sterilized knife or scissor, whenever you are going to cut any of the plant parts. Otherwise, you will end up infecting your plant with some unwanted diseases, through the infected knives or scissors.


There is no need for frequent repotting, but yes you have to get a new pot for this plant every two years. Whenever this plant shows the symptoms of slow growth and root bound, go for repotting.

You have to choose a pot of at least two to three inches larger than the existing one.

Here is a step by step guide about the repotting of the Philodendron White Knight plant

  • Uproot the plant from the existing pot.
  • Clean the soil attached to its root.
  • Check if there are any symptoms of root rot or not. If found, cut the rooted roots using a sterilized knife.
  • Then again replant the plant in a new pot (two to three-inch larger than the previous one), using fresh potting soil.

Provide proper growing condition to the newly planted Philodendron White Knight so that it gets enough time to acclimatize in its new place.


The Philodendron White Knight plant is susceptible to diseases like root rot and leaf yellowing. Both of these diseases appear due to improper water management.

Root rot

The Philodendron White Knight plant is highly susceptible to root rot. This disease occurs due to overwatering.

Whenever there will be a waterlogging condition prevails for a longer period of time, the roots can not get proper oxygen to respire, and start rotting. Then your plant will show symptoms like leaf wilting and yellow patches in the leaves due to water shortage. The growth of the plant will be stopped.

To prevent root rotting you can change the watering schedule, and apply less water, and only apply water whenever required, If then also the problem is not solving, then you have to repot your plant, using a fresh potting mix as described above. The potting mix should be well-drained, and the pot should have a good number of drainage holes.

Leaf yellowing

Leaf yellowing is also a common issue in the Philodendron White Knight plant. It also appears due to overwatering.

You have to reschedule your watering or change the potting soil to prevent this issue.


The plant is not susceptible to any specific pest. But the common house plant pests like the mealy bugs, aphids, whiteflies, etc infect the plant.

You can easily find the symptoms of pest infestation by closely observing the plant. There will be signs like discolored patches on the leaves, small brown spots, leaf curling, etc. 

These little pesky pests suck the plant sap and hamper the plant growth.

To control these pests the best method is to use neem oil. It is an eco-friendly organic method and it is effective. 

Apply two sprays of neem oil in 15 days intervals and then the plant will be free from the pests.

You can try other chemicals also to remove these pests but make sure that you are taking all the preventive measures, before applying the spray. Never spray these chemicals inside a close environment. It may negatively affect your health.

Some FAQs about the Philodendron White Knight 

Is the Philodendron White Knight plant toxic?

Yes, the Philodendron White Knight plant is toxic. Keep this away from children and pets.

Why the white color of the leaves of my Philodendron White Knight is turning green?

It is due to your plant is not getting enough light to grow properly. Change the location of your plant and keep it in an area where it can get sufficient bright indirect sunlight.

A plant placed near an east-facing window is supposed to grow more luxuriantly.

From where can I get a Philodendron White Knight plant?

You can search for this plant at your local plant nurseries, and garden centers. Ask the owner of the centers if they can arrange a Philodendron White Knight plant for you.

You can also search online. Just google it and you will get many online sellers selling this plant.

Is it difficult to grow a Philodendron White Knight plant?

No, it is not difficult to grow a Philodendron White Knight plant. You have to just take care of a few things like

  • Keep the plant in a place where it can get bright indirect sunlight throughout the day.
  • Keep the soil moist, but not too wet or waterlogged.
  • Maintain a humid environment near the plant.
  • Keep the surrounding temperature higher than 15 degrees Celcius.

If you are taking care of these things, then your plant will definitely grow and show white color variegation.


The Philodendron White Knight plant is a slow-growing plant and needs a little bit of care to sustain, but it is worth waiting. Once the plant develops the beautiful lush variegated foliage, it will really impress you.

Grow this plant, and never forget to write to us about your experience.

Happy gardening.

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