Which Is The Fastest Growing Pothos? (Answered)

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Epipremnum aureum, also known as Devil’s eye, Pothos, or money plant, is a boon for houses with minimum sunlight. Pothos, a typical vine plant, has adapted itself well as a houseplant. This plant adds an aesthetic look to your home with its heart-shaped, shiny foliage.

You may wonder which Pothos is the fastest-growing among so many varieties of this plant? So here is the answer

Among all the pothos variety, the Devil’s Ivy or Golden Pothos is the fastest-growing Pothos. In months from December to May, it shows vigorous growth. It grows as fast as 12 inches per month. It is a ferocious grower and the best indoor plant for beginners. They can grow 3-6 feet wide and 20-40 feet high in ideal situations.

Below is detailed information about your favorite plant regarding its growth, care, maintenance, and everything you need to know as a beginner to growing these plants. 

Why are Pothos’ favorite house plants for all plant lovers?

Golden pothos is a popular indoor growing plant. Plant lovers admire them mainly because of the following reasons:

  • They are hard and durable
  • They can purify the air ( though the evidence is not that strong)
  • Low maintenance nature.
  • You can easily grow them from cuttings, which means you can have many baby plants from parent Pothos.
  • It can grow in soil as well as water.

Best season to grow the Pothos, Epipremnum aureum

Being a native of Southeastern Asia, it thrives in a tropical climate with an abundance of heat and humidity. So if you are a resident of a tropical area, your Pothos can grow all year long.

However, in temperate regions, their growing season is limited to fall. As soon as temperatures start dipping below 70 F, their growth slows down.

In winters, there is slower to no growth at all. They enter a dormant stage where the growth is stunted. As a result, they require fewer nutrients and water.

Some tricks to grow Golden pothos faster?

Golden pothos, as we popularly called as Devil’s ivy, is undoubtedly a rapid grower but it sometimes can show a slower growth if you neglect it for a long time. 

Here are a few tricks to grow this vine plant quick:

Use the premium quality soil mixture

Like other plants, Pothos too has different varieties. But luckily, all the varieties require the same kind of soil, I.e., well-draining, airy, light, and slightly acidic soil with a pH range of 6 to 6.5.

All in all, your soil should be properly draining and loose. Potting soil, coco peat, and perlite can do wonders for your plant. Cocopeat helps retain the exact amount of moisture, and perlite makes the soil well-draining.

Proper maintenance and care

As mentioned, Pothos are rapid growers if taken proper care of. They only require constant watering and occasional fertilizer for maximum growth.

Timely Pruning

Timely pruning helps accelerate the growth of these house plants.

Proper sunlight/right temperatures 

Golden pothos is not very demanding when it comes to sunlight. They can withstand a varied range of light but thrive best in bright and indirect sunlight. Pothos also like gentle morning sunlight but can not be in direct sunlight for the whole day. 

For these vine plants to exhibit outstanding growth, provide them with a warmer environment.

With scarce light, they show slower growth, and the leaves pale. And intense lightning burns the leaves.

Boost their humidity 

These plants love a humid environment so think of how you can increase the humidity around them. You can try these ways:

  • Mist their leaves regularly with water.
  • Take a saucer with pebbles and water in it. Place it under your pot.
  • You can also place a humidifier in your room.
  • Group your plants. It will increase the humidity around.

Give your plants a support

Pothos are natural climbers. They dwell on forest floors or climb the trees nearby in natural conditions. However, you too can provide them support at home by providing them with a trellis/moss pole. Doing so results in the growth of lots of leaves.

Is your Golden Pothos growing slower?

If your Devil’s ivy or money plant is still growing slower, check for these factors:

  • Underwatering

Underwatering also stunts Pothos’ growth because they fail to synthesize their food due to lack of water. That ultimately results in slower growth and, finally, no growth.

  • Overwatering

Overwatering is the biggest blunder you can do for your indoor plants. They dislike being overwatered, and their roots start rotting. So if you expose their roots to excess moisture, roots rot. As a result, plants fail to photosynthesize, show slower growth, and stop growing.

  • Poor soil quality

Soil is the fundamental requirement for plants growth. From providing nutrients, holding moisture, and delivering water to the roots, soil caters to all the needs of plants. So the Pothos soil should have enough nutrients and proper drainage for healthy plant growth.

  • Scarcity of light

Though Pothos are often labeled as low light plants, you can’t place them in dark rooms without windows. Doing so will stunt their growth. Pothos ivy can withstand low lights only for a short time and grow slowly in such conditions.

 You ought to place them in an area with bright but indirect sunlight for quick growth.

  • Over Fertilizing

New gardeners often love to fertilize their plains, lurking for rapid or stronger growth. Unfortunately, the opposite happens, and over fertilizing can damage the roots, burn them and harm the plant in the long run. 

Fertilizers come with instructions on their packets. You need to follow the exact instructions; otherwise, you may over-fertilize the Pothos

However, if you have already fed the plant with excess fertilizer, there is still a chance of saving your plant. You have to rinse the soil using distilled water and forget to fertilize again for a few months.

  • Incompatible temperatures 

Being tropical plants, they show extensive growth in warmer conditions, i.e., 70o F.

In winters, when the temperature dips, the plant enters energy conservation mode, implying limited growth during colder temperatures, I.e., 60o F, and stops altogether when the temperature further falls to 50o F.

  • Pests infestation and diseases

Although Pothos are resistant to pest infestations and deadly diseases, sometimes they get caught up with mealybugs, spider mites, scales, etc. These pests feed extensively on plant tissue. So if you ever notice any of these bugs, promptly remove them with neem oil and continue applying until you get rid of these pests.


Golden pothos are rapid growers that can give your home an aesthetic look quickly. Under normal growing conditions, you can expect at least 12 inches of growth per month. However, if taken special care of, they can grow 18 inches in a month. 

So if you are on a searching spree for a rapid grower, low maintenance, and beginner-friendly plants, your search ends at Golden pothos. They’ll fill your space rapidly and will survive in almost any type of growing environment. 

Remember to provide them with proper temperatures, sufficient light, and water, and they’ll thrive.

Happy planting!

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