Moss Pole Alternatives- Perfect Replacements for your Moss Poles


Moss poles are great options for you if you have a trailing vine or a beautiful epiphyte. They really provide good support to your climbers. But some people don’t like the weird fishnet stockings look of the moss poles. So in this blog post, we are going to discuss about some perfect alternatives for your moss poles. Here are they.

A tree slab or a natural bamboo trellis is the perfect alternative for your moss pole. The outer portion of a tree slab, of a live edge wood, would be an ideal choice to replace your moss pole. This tree slab will mimic the natural habitat of your trailing vines as if they are growing on a tree trunk. Apart from this, a natural bamboo trellis can also be a nice alternative to your moss poles.


Now let us discuss how to use these moss pole alternatives and from where you can get them.

Moss Pole Alternatives

People generally search for alternatives to their moss pole mainly because of two reasons. For the first one, they don’t like the “mulch shoved in fishnet stockings” type of appearance of a moss pole.

Secondly, their plant has outgrown the existing moss pole they have, and these people don’t want to extend their moss pole, again and again, rather they want a permanent solution, as a replacement for their moss poles.

A tree slab or a wood slab will solve both these issues easily. It adds in a natural vibe when place near your climbers, and by doing a little customization here and there, you can be also more creative making an artificial jungle inside your room. Also, it will take years for your vines to outgrow these tree slabs or logs.

Tree slabs/ Wooden slabs

The outer portion of a tree slab of a live edge wood is a perfect choice to replace your moss poles. Generally, when carpenters are making various things like tables, chairs, etc. they take the large pieces of wooden logs and cut the outer portion of the wood to get a flat and smooth-surfaced wood.


So the outer portion of the live edge wood slab is of no use for the carpenters. It is a scrap for them. You can go and grab them at a very cheap price and use them as your moss pole alternatives.

From where can to find a wooden slab

Go to your Facebook marketplace and search for wooden slabs. From there you can find some great options of tree slabs. Search for the outer portion of a live edge wood slab, which you can get for a very cheap price.

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Indoor gardening
Because these side wooden slabs are formed as a byproduct in the process of cutting the wooden logs and giving them a perfect shape to make wooden furniture. So these are scraps for the carpenters. They sell it out at a very low price.

Also, you can visit your nearest carpenter shop or furniture workshop, and collect such types of wooden slabs directly from there. You can get a perfect piece of tree slab from there at a very cheap price.

After finding a perfect wooden slab, you have to do some minor tweaking to the wood to make it perfect for your vining plants. Here is a video from The Adhd Gardener, on YouTube. She has nicely explained how to make a perfect wooden slab for your indoor vining plants. Do check it out.

Here is a step-by-step process, how to make a perfect tree slab for your trailing vines, that can replace a moss pole.

1. Remove the outer bark

After getting a wood slab, the first thing you have to do is to remove the outer bark of the slab. It is an important step to do. Because the bark might store some of the harmful insect pests inside it. It might infect your indoor plants severely.

Also, it is not possible to preserve the bark for longer periods. It is surely going to dry out and flake off, creating problems for your vines.

So it is a wise decision to remove the outer bark and its residuals from the wood slab.

Use a knife or any sharp object to remove all the bark from the wood slab.

2. Sanding

Rub the surface of the slab with sandpaper to make it smooth and attractive. It will remove all the sharp edges that might form in the process of bark removal.

3. Staining

You can add the desired color to the wooden slab by staining it. You can skip this step if you just like the natural color it has. It is an optional step.

Staining really enhances the grain pattern and texture of your wood and increases the aesthetic appeal of the slab.

Choose a perfect wood stain according to your need, apply it to your wood, and leave it for some time. Allow it to dry. It might take from several hours to a few days to complete the process of staining.

To get more insights about how to stain a wood you can CLICK HERE.

4. Sealing the wood

After applying the stain, now it is time to apply a topcoat sealant to protect the stained wood from unwanted scratches and fading over time. It will maintain the shine of the stained wood for years and years.

You can do this by applying one or two coatings of polyurethane, using a brush. After applying the sealant, keep it for drying. It will take one to two days to dry the polyurethane completely and you will then get a beautiful shiny wooden slab, to replace your moss pole.

Staining and sealing also preserve the wood from decaying. They also check the termite attack on your wood slab.

5. Anchor and decorate

Now your wooden slab is ready. Choose a place where you want to keep the slab. Fix the wood against your wall by using some hooks and twines or threads, so that the big wooden slab wouldn’t move here and there.

After fixing the tree slab, keep your vines around it, and then decorate them by putting them on the slab. You can use some twines or threads to attach the plant to the wood.

This wooden slab can perfectly replace your moss pole and also enhance the beauty of your climbers.

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Bamboo trellis

It is a quick and cheap replacement for your moss poles. These bamboo trellises are easily available online from amazon. Other than these, you can also use other trellises available online.

There only function is to provide a support to your beautiful trailing vine.

Be careful at the time of inserting these bamboo trellises into the potting soil of your plant. Otherwise, you will end up piercing the roots beneath the soil. So the bamboo trellises are to be inserted very carefully.

One more thing you have to consider while using these alternatives to moss poles is that you have to water your plant more frequently. You have to spend more time spraying your plant and keep them humid.

Because moss poles have the tendency to stay wet for long times, but the alternatives don’t have. So to provide an adequately moist environment, you have to water more often.

Final thoughts

If you are not liking the moss poles for any reason, then these are the best alternatives for you. You can choose any of them according to your choice and suitability.

I would definitely recommend trying the wood slabs. Because they appear more natural to your trailing vines. Imagine how beautiful your Monstera will look when running on a wooden log.

It will surely add the look and feel of a tropical jungle to your home garden.

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